2013 latest personalized wedding mode

Creative wedding in addition to covering land, sea and air, for the sake of saving money and romantic, many netizens said that “not a wedding ruined you, you have to ruin the wedding, to mention a lot of Heavenly Star, and even spoof wedding.

Such as friends Bobo Kiss recommends simply held a Wolf wedding: The humorous animation wedding the bride and groom play a cute Wolf and Red Wolf, a bride to do fried rice keepsake tokens of love, family and friends play an Aries, master of ceremonies, make-up year Lunar New Year, take place in the area set the stage, Guest Register and get a free customized version of the dish-shaped Royal Square mud fried rice mud mask. Interactive games, humorous, lovely and romantic, entertaining entertainment has to witness the reality version of Wolf Full wedding!

Like the game users planning real CS wedding provoke users Paizhuan: even like to play live CS get hold of real CS grab daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law with a bunch of people, even with a team of people, and even led a team The wife hands of each other strikes take it over, and certainly exciting and fun, left ~ ~ Comment: This is a marriage by capture! ! !

Individually the users whim prepared to do a donkey wedding. “Married that day, hire one hundred mighty steep temperament donkey you rode an original wild boar with a hundred donkeys to meet you – Bridal money and decent. Users praise its “man”, then there are users thread said: “This is a the animal marriage or marriage?

Low-carbon green bicycle wedding into blitz

Users also look forward to the wedding, such as letting a hundred flowers bloom. The majority of users was in favor of the organization of low-carbon green wedding. Bicycle wedding is sought after by the majority of users.

Wearing a homemade wedding, rent a bike, the bride first ride 10 minutes, then the groom and then ride a bike chase to catch up before married, then riding a bicycle around the beltway ~ ~ ~. ”

Users seem to disagree spend a very high luxury wedding car, keep things simple, creative winning. In addition to the cycling wedding, users also have moves organize Bus wedding, a taxi wedding, subway wedding, the wedding of the battery car, train wedding, tractor wedding, mining and wedding …… the list goes on.

According to the traditional wedding customs, marriage is generally held on land, users on land, then it Out. Water wedding, the air wedding called “creative”.

Users apple pie _ Heart: girls are valued romantic, most creative wedding, all the way south along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, sight-seeing cruises, sight-seeing is decorated with a variety of flowers, cabin heap filled with the aroma of delicious fruit, my beloved, he stood on the bow of the boat, enjoy this rare two of the world.

Friends I Miss Puff: “I think the two people standing in a hot air balloon, bring each other to the ring, and then into the air, particularly interesting. Users the Pig lyq planning a more exciting air wedding: wedding scene bungee edge of the stage, when the wedding master of ceremonies for the new oath, they plunged into the stream, and then legally married couples! Suitable keen to seek adventure wedding.

Five kinds of creative wedding color scheme

The summer coming, you prepare summer wedding, ready for their wedding theme and main colors yet?

The following Altman blue, green, purple, orange and metallic colors theme is distinctive enough, enough fashion colors very appropriate summer wedding, I hope to introduce you to give your wedding preparations for some inspiration and creativity. .

, Ocean blue, sea water to cool incoming. . Hot summer days, most people think of a summer brilliant idea is to go to the seaside resort, the cool sea breeze and sea water can bring freedom, comfortable feeling cold. Summer wedding, choose the blue one symbolizing the colors of the ocean can reap unexpected cool atmosphere. . Natural blue floral less BLUELOVER roses, blue hydrangeas are relatively expensive, a small amount of choice and then with some homemade blue elements. Blue cards, ribbons, cake and blue candle, etc. are all good choices. .

By the shallow and deep green, vibrant. . Vitality full of green summer wedding can bring vitality and cool. Pale green symbolizes freshness and life, pure green represents vitality, meaning the dark green precipitate of life, overlap with each color is also very suitable. . The choice of floral species is quite rich, but also can be used in daily life utensils props to match, such as beer bottles is a good flower selection, has a “cool summer” visual experience. .

, Purple noble and distinctive, to distribute the slightest Qinliang from the inside out. . Synonymous with purple warm red and blue calm blend is both mysterious and elegant, but also a symbol of elegance, the overall feel of the cool colors for summer wedding, white, light green with a fresh and pleasant. The more common floral gentian, hydrangeas, violets, larkspur. . Warm and imaginative, such as bright as the sun, the warm sway.

Held in the summer church wedding should pay attention to the problem


Clothing color should be bright: bride clothing color bright colors of choice, the groom can choose some relative calm of white, beige, light gray. Groom on the choice of shirt is better to light gray, pale pink and white silk or thin cotton and linen, the best choice, too hot shirt can be worn alone, attention must wear a tie clip.

Details of accessories available: new is the protagonist of the wedding, in addition to the classic wedding dress the new most easily overlooked details of the wedding accessories is. Summer wedding, a time when the weather is hot season, sweating phenomenon is inevitable, so, the bride’s hand bag must be prepared on paper towels, lip gloss, powder, stockings, etc., to prepare for makeup or stockings hole embarrassing phenomenon.

Groom in the orthodox wedding apparel should tuxedo with a red or black bow tie. But generally men, there are few wearing tuxedo occasions. Therefore, in our country the majority of the groom, or follow the custom of the dark suit, of course, if there is a white Western dress is also a very good match, also in line with the summer season, the Prince’s image vividly before us. The new wearing only coordination with the atmosphere of the church wedding.

Wedding shoes

Church wedding, the bride with white wedding shoes color yarn color coordination. Gold, silver, white, elegant wild sandals are a good choice.


The foreign bride rarely in the chest decorated with flowers, mostly in the head, wrist decorated with flowers. Groom-minded decorated with flowers. Church wedding with flowers elegant and noble color. Such as: the main material of white lilies, roses and Champagne-colored roses are church wedding flowers. Together with the greenery and lace auxiliary, the results are good.

Red roses warm, but not suitable for summer church wedding. Chinese wedding “groom”, “bride” hi be definitely against the church wedding atmosphere. Red flowers and hi be or not to appear in a church wedding in the summer is good. After all, the day the second woman in her wedding dress appears. The bride’s thunder less hi be or Henliang.


The church only allows the wedding day the bride wore the Bra wedding ceremony guests dress should not be too casual. Hot days when the men should also maintain a gentleman dress code, avoid shorts and sleeveless and collarless coat. Hot days, Ms. bogey through revealing clothing.

Five elements to enhance the bride temperament to create the perfect dream wedding

A relaxed and happy mood

Do not habitual nervous, do not worry about those places yet to be perfected, everything was perfect. Members prospective new people at the moment do not have to worry about those chores on the wedding planning, all the minutiae is not so important, safely over to someone else to do it. Relax and good to do the happy bride and groom. Even if some small part of the wedding episode, do not let it affect your mood and status easily. A perfect wedding you need to put into love, vows, such as touched. Carry on with your loved ones to enjoy a smile, happy to usher in a new life.

Adequate nutrition

Wedding day for the bride and groom are very busy. New first thing to do is to eat a nutritious breakfast, to ensure that there is plenty of strength. Wedding day, new dress and grooming to day home Escorting audience with her in-laws, in honor of the guests in as little as five to six hours, as many as ten hours. In this busy day, the couple most of the time should be plump and radiant spirit to face everyone. This deep test of the new physical, coupled with busy couples rarely have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy hearty dishes on the wedding. Therefore, the new one can sit down or the opportunity to be quiet and not give up. Even if it is intermittent toast, can also hide in the dressing room to drink water, eat a few mouthfuls prepared dim sum, supplementary nutrition, spend 10 minutes to rest out physically. .

Smiling people remembered each other

The new Just remember, always put the smile on his face. Do not be nervous and show the stiff expression even worried look. Keep smiling, efforts smiling, happy face everyone, happy to enjoy this beautiful moment. Do not fuss and greeting snubbed the love around this wedding belongs to you, always observe the state of love, let your sweet, infection site owner.

4 veneration elders courtesy toast

Elders approach trot went up, spend a few minutes with the elders exchanges, the wedding toast processes, fully demonstrate respect for elders, do not rush toast. In their early exit, interrupt the activities you are toast, personally put them out of the ballroom. Each table guests have shown the proper manners, go beyond, toast greeting friends and family with other peers, pay attention to the allocation of time and mastery of rhythm. Neither perfunctory the camel and gone over, do not do too much to stay. This is particularly important in a wedding table number wedding.

5 beautiful memories of the perfect ending

A good experience every moment, touched every wedding process, these entire thing your brain deeply, quietly surrounded by your taste. Only after the end of the bridal chamber, the new home of the bride and groom, this day has finally come to an end. Care about each other love, sweet love to meet the arrival of the new life.

The newlywed husband Conventions

A beautiful dream wedding planning process must be different wedding, wedding every detail exudes a unique charm. Issue wedding planning part Xiaobian to prevail groom to recommend a unique wedding Convention highlights, 80, after her husband romantic secret wedding to bride a love surprises.
“Domestic Convention”

1, in theory, support the principle of equality between men and women “- both men and women share the housework equally, but the man should actively apply for the dirty work!

Theoretically support “fulfill their duties” principle – both men and women should actively take the initiative to assume you’re good at housework! Need to work together, the two sides should adhere to the “friendly consultations, humbly ask, patient communication, mutual support four basic principles.

3, when the poor woman’s mood or physical discomfort, the man should first give spiritual comfort and assumed most of the housework, unconditional obedience woman Fielding; when the poor man’s mood or physical discomfort, the woman should also be initiative to give spiritual comfort, such as the man to restore good condition, and then continue to follow the 1 and 2 above.

To hold “positive” attitude towards housework – to do more housework proud, ashamed to do housework; proud of active labor, to evade labor ashamed; find fun to be good at housework, enhance feelings, to strengthen the marital cohesion.

5, when either party after domestic work, displaying the fruits of labor, the other party must first give full recognition and encouragement, and then slightly pointed out that the fly in the ointment. (PS: not allowed vocal criticism, not allowed to make fun of cynical, contempt allowed insensitive)

6, when either party after domestic, the other party should be given a reasonable reward – mental contents include: Chuibei, Massage, pour some tea, belly cushions, human flesh sofa, and more! Substances include: ice cream, halogen chicken feet, yogurt, fruit, snacks, and so on (which can be exchanged for cash)!

7, both husband and wife to each other spontaneously consider – understanding each other’s hard, respect each other’s labor, understand each other’s pay! Order to adjust housework tired, once a week leisure activities (such as: eat a big meal, shopping, watching movies, etc.), in any format, to the common aspirations of both sides based!

8, both husband and wife should consciously follow the “I know, I participated in my dedication,” the spirit, awareness-raising, enhance quality, clear lines of responsibility, and everything to family values, adhere to the “interests of the family above all else, hand in hand, create tomorrow – I love my family for 50 years!

(The provisions of the Convention temporarily for more than a few, the woman may have no reason to time unconditional change, the man has the power to raise objections, but whether the objection to the adoption of the final interpretation in the hands of the woman)

Man: YYY (thumbprint) the woman: XXX (thumbprint)

“Marriage amicable agreement”

To love her husband, firm support for her husband, and absolute obedience to her husband’s leadership.

Second, strict compliance with the work schedule at 6 o’clock in the morning to get up, make breakfast (food standard 5 yuan / person), non delays lazy, eat, and deductions for food; go to bed after 23:30, before going to bed facial clean-up time shall not more than three minutes, and consciously Chopping bath for my husband and children, non-late, leave early and lower service standards; weekends and holidays.

Wife to regularly participate in job training, and constantly improve the cooking (at least be able to master the four Chinese cuisine), Home Economics (5 star standard), and in traditional medicine and massage techniques (excluding quack).

The wife should always pay attention to the appearance, instrument, other than non-home unkempt, disheveled (sexy costumes); non outdoors in fancy dress and behavior glamorous to be done into the kitchen, out of the hall.

Monthly wages, bonuses and all of its income must be turned over to her husband, not anti-payment, shall not be left strictly prohibited kangaroo personal coffers; daily make-up costs shall not be more than 10 yuan allocated by her husband on a daily basis (excluding holidays) for any reason overdrafts, advances, her husband have the right to know and the right to audit such expenses; other branch of the family.

Responsible for the transfer of children from school to school tasks shall not be delayed for any reason; holidays to strictly implement the responsibility system for “Holiday on duty”, that arrangements Seder (10 soup, style meals) to accompany their children on the playground (no waiting in the wings with other Male parents chat) chat with his mother (not nap or watching TV). If violated, according to the severity of the circumstances, either separately or combined to impose a reprimand (demerits), the buckle make-up fee deduction system installation fee or confiscated cosmetics punishment.

Seven wife are fully responsible for the health of the home. Health check “iso-9002 five-star hotel standards of acceptance, the case of non-compliance of the spot penalties, respectively or merge sentenced to buckle system installation fee, make-up fees, in-place cleaning three times the punishment.

8, except holidays are not allowed to watch TV, non grab her husband, the child’s remote control, non-noise, non-watch soap operas as well as any husband does not like to watch programs. If violated, respectively or merge punishable by a fine mop the floor three times, canceled a month watching TV qualification, punishment.

Nine, watching men (aged 3 -80 years old) eyes each no timeout three seconds (inclusive), with a male gaze at the date may not exceed three (inclusive); non-old lover on the phone, writing letters, meeting , Internet and all associated.

11, the statement of the wife of the same things shall not be more than 3 times (inclusive), each state shall not exceed 3 minutes (inclusive), the volume should not exceed 20 dB (inclusive).

12, wife to strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization, eliminate waste and material comparisons (to eat a good buy diet pills, jewelery), improve their self-cultivation to establish a family contribution than domestic than cooking a good atmosphere .

13, any problems in the family, must obey the principle of “superior” (ie, absolute obedience to the husband’s decision).

, 14, wife of the the petty system installed, make-up costs, monthly payments on a pay for performance basis, test score cooking, health, obedience, grooming, work attitude five aspects, each of the 20 points out of 100 points; first self-evaluation, the final evaluation by the husband.

15, wife and evaluation of 90 points according to her husband for 5% of the wage receive performance pay; 85 points by 4% earmarked non-misappropriation, all financial expenditures uniform issuing process by her husband. If violated, according to the severity of the circumstances, separately or combined punishable by a buckle system installation fee, make-up fees, separated a month until the discharge of the duties of the wife of sanctions. The following non-compliance without pay for performance, for six months is not up to automatically terminate the marriage membership. Assessments for two consecutive years and reached more than 90 points available the “bran wife” honorary title, performance increased by 1% to 10% final, at the same time can enjoy two days of paid leave, the leave can not be accumulated year.

16 not online dating, users may not be met in any form

17, adherence to family secrets, the basic content of the assurance that the “system” is not compromised.

18, non-laugh in front of men (aged 3 -80 years old), Maiguai; strictly prohibited and men alone. If violated, depending on the severity, by the husband in accordance with the spirit of the special rectification, strictly, from fast to crack down on anyone, any form of intercession, protecting obstruction of justice will be punished.

19, non-contact yellow, gambling, drugs; Do not smoke, drink, exchanges gossip girlfriend and all her husband against the hobby. Has been found immediately expelled from the marriage membership, while the husband has the right to sue abetting “bitch”.

, 20, of the “system” by her husband is responsible for monitoring the implementation of, and has the final interpretation of rights.

21, the “system” began the trial since July 1, 2010

Sarah Houston White winter wedding dress

From Toronto, Canada wedding brand Sarah Houston elegant styling and retro details attract many brides 2011 release of qiu dong continuation of the brand’s philosophy, slender shape, to show different segmentation and decorative skirt the ratio of change, beautiful and charming.

Silver bra encrusted Diamond and beads, highlighting the gorgeous atmosphere; soft white silk skirt, creating romantic like being back in the cloud; veil together with the retro styling, increase a sense of gentle as a whole.
Three-dimensional tailoring techniques and sophisticated technology so that the overall full of sense; glossy thin satin gorgeous at the same time, there are special drape with a romantic atmosphere; shoulder showing different design in simplicity.

Gentle chiffon subtly modified with lace, gorgeous significant publicity; smooth lines sketched out the bride the perfect body type; diamond waist belt right to the performance of the grand atmosphere of the wedding.

More light and elegant veil, high waist design is gorgeous atmosphere; in the chest chiffon vest decorated with translucent Diamond, breaking the traditional Bra style design, elegant and chic.

Exquisite embroidery, luxurious d├ęcor and sumptuous fabrics, one climax after another, dazzling colorful, even white dress, and you will never feel boring and repetitive.

Delicate and light cascading effect, reflecting a vibrant charm; waist flowers play a finishing touch, highlighting the blossoming bride temperament, the very eyes of sadness in leaving.

Deep V-neck design and lace fabric together, simple yet luxurious, sexy yet elegant; overall design of the main high waist, the bride is more tall, slender.

Elegant shape, meticulous attention to detail to create the unique texture of silk fabric, well-designed, gorgeous and pleasant, warm and romantic atmosphere for the wedding.

Simple collar design, graceful and refreshing qualities through a fine lace low-key show; casual fold to create a gorgeous little tail, emitting a romantic feeling.

Full of gorgeous and playful sense of short feather wedding, showing the bride slender beautiful leg line; classic style presented in a chic fabrics, romantic feeling wells up.

Satin fabric drape, with a dignified yet light and elegant beauty; shoulder lotus leaf design, simple to add a personalized and refined.

Classic brand wedding series

March 2007, MaxMara launched a special series of wedding dress, these dresses are modern, elegant, simple, flowing lines, full of minimalist fashion, and cost-effective. Series of at least the past 15 years, people booking and purchase of the part of the Max Mara elegant evening dress for a wedding dress.

In response to the needs of the wedding preparations shortened faster. Max Mara bridal gown project to redefine the concept to make it more modern.
This idea was first carried out only in a few selected shops and not much style. But now this project throughout the MaxMara stores worldwide, with more than 30 models of wedding dress styles from simple to more complicated and delicate.

Duchess some dress lined with wrinkles lace, full of temptation; some refreshing dress taffeta silk, or exceptionally smooth and silky fabrics, romantic and gorgeous.
Color to white, from the m white to ivory, and then decorated with a little watercolor powder. In addition to the wedding dress, Max Mara also launched a veil, shawl, shoes, gloves and flowers jewelry set of accessories.

6 beautiful wedding dress love Secret Garden

For 80 or 90 bride wedding dress fabric without how expensive, but for the wedding dress ingenuity and style. This mini Dearte Bolero wedding dress very much to the tastes of modern young bride. Remove redundant complicated drag skirt with exaggerated Pompon yarn, petite and delicate mini skirt highlights the fact that the bride youthful atmosphere. The dimensional flowers skirt bride’s head garland exist side by side, with wedding shoes, more elegant and fragrant with lavender small charming charm!

Mist-shrouded garden, the bride is like fairy just woke up, temporarily lost its way. Long folds of the skirt full three-dimensional, white applique on the bodice is elegant and refined, purple flowers do hair, lit the overall shape of a circular ring fun, bride stroking his neck and shoulder, really beautiful the.

Garden fog is thick, dense atmosphere of fantasy. The bride one hand stays on the edge of the old trees, the perfect side of the curve is beautiful fishtail wedding contrast, tilt-up three-dimensional flowers decoration fresh and beautiful, elegant and charming. Head a small beam Jiaoqiao of flowers, the bride like a fairy does not know the fireworks, dazed standing here.

Bride holding flowers helpless docked in the garden, as if from heaven the Angel, has not been carefully combed hair, naturally curly drawn to the collar, a straight strapless design soft skin against the background of the bride blowing shells can be broken . Romantic, exaggerated folds Slim waist cut accordingly, inadvertently bring out the same good figure of the bride.

Long section of the veil shaped pretty sense or should not be underestimated, the bride can choose a hollow crocheted, fresh and flowing chiffon, girls charm lace veil details or fabric. With elegant purple, pure white, sweet and pleasant pink flowers, bring out the bride and tastes temperament.

Wedding photography background is important, however, is particularly critical to the bride’s shape posture. The bride can learn Dearte Model shooting gesture, bold off your heavy skirt, revealing slender legs it!

8 tips teach you to do the princess bride


Sweet range of children known Barbie wedding, hard to be able to see such a pure ivory white style, upper body corset studded with beading, lower body Puff skirt layers, romantic and full. Bright satin trim for the wedding to add a lot of exquisite sense of the bride with bright satin gloves and pearl jewelry the sparkling brilliance will make you more youthful!

Expansion skirt like a cream cake, the bride put it down. This white Barbie wedding Slim corset and Puff Hem exaggerated contrast, the formation of the visual balance, bride slim waist full, large bow decoration, but also a full range of gorgeous princess children. Can be used with a transparent texture of lace gloves will ease the heavy feeling of the skirt, unique fresh atmosphere.


Barbie no matter which season not the lack of baby soft pink wedding, pink wedding lady breath reveals this simple, beautiful silk elegant wavy trim exudes rich retro atmosphere, decorated in the skirt The white embroidery filling the noble, the bride can be used with the bow hair let you sweet unable to extricate themselves.


Fresh Barbie light blue wedding in early spring bride full of Xian Qi. Beautiful silk with beautiful pleats with embroidered the brand words tulle decorated in the of skirt week and chest, very beautiful. As the bride’s wedding dress, with satin gloves and butterfly knot hair accessories, blue and white color at first sight!


Lace as the elements of the wedding hot this year, most of tulle combined with a sense of perspective, and this pink Barbie wedding, but to subvert the traditional style combined with pink chiffon, creating a sweet dream of style at the same time, without losing the deep feminine. Can be used with black gauze headdress and gloves, as a wedding or wedding dress, also won the eyes and ears!


Yellow Barbie wedding dress, shaping good taffeta fabric, creating a three-dimensional Puff skirt. Tighten silk decorated with bows, so the bride young beautiful like a princess. With satin gloves and hands of the same color package, filled with youthful make wedding guests all praise to reward your charming temperament.


Quite royal atmosphere navy blue fabric, combined with pastoral inspired prints to create a unique wedding style of the grand atmosphere. As a bride, with sequin hand bag with three-dimensional floral decoration Dayan Mao, a balanced navy solemn atmosphere, so you pretty lively and athletic.


Gray Bra wedding, breaking Barbie has always been the the Chromic style, Hepburn-style elegance in the end. Multi-material fabric stitching, the predecessor of the skirt is elegant and beautiful wave point chiffon backswing is shaping good bright taffeta, as a bride, a dish made with elegant and neat, full of refined gas!

Wearing a wedding dress must be noted that nine

You need at least two people to help you replace the wedding

Wearing a skirt, wear a wedding dress at least two people, trying on wedding to pay attention to these tips. You may have noticed that the wedding is different from other clothing, wearing methods are different, natural, dress can not be flexible. Remember: the day of the wedding dress at least two people.

Ready necessary article

Dress, pay attention to maintaining the cleanliness of the dress. Some things you need to prepare: a clean white cloth, garter, shoes. Hedging dress, prepare a scarf; dress has a lot of buttons, each buttons firmly fixed; prepare a clean white towel before the start of the ceremony, eat or drink, use it to stand in front of the clothes.

Correct dress order

When wearing the dress, Xianpu a clean white cloth shoes placed at the top; garter first put on; unlock dress zippers or buttons on the top of the shoes. Let mother or Assistant clothes stretch, to help you put on shoes when, one by one slowly wear. Jacket or require hedging accessories,’ll have to put on their shoes, and then cover the face with a scarf to prevent smudging makeup. Finally, let the mother or assistant to help you lay the zipper or buttons.
To keep the wedding clean and tidy

If you need the car to get to the ceremony venue, then, on and off must be slow, do not touch the door handle full of grease or dust. Should try to avoid sitting pressure in the dress, the dress shop in the seat back. Until the end of the ceremony, the dress, should be very careful activities. After all, you would also like to take pictures, there is a long wedding celebration waiting for you. If you would like to taking pictures outside, assistant to a pillowcase for you, so you do not have direct standing or sitting on the grass, so as not to have contracted the stains.

Gradually into the role

Check dress, zipper fastening buttons, ensure dress leveling, not tainted spotted at the last moment. Before the red carpet also need to sit down and rest sitting without back bench, dress expand, rather than piled in the waist as far as possible. If you can not find a stool without back, it is necessary to sit down dress swing hanging on the backrest. Makeup or water surrounding the upper body with a clean towel. Finally, standing full-length mirror, look around, give yourself time immersed in the wonderful beautiful.

Wedding dress red carpet

The beginning of the red carpet, gently picked up the dress, knees slightly bent, hands gently grabbed the skirt (if grabbed a crumpled dress), the skirts off the ground, to prevent spotting. If the dress is especially thick or trailing design, do not move around freely or to go back (again careful not to stain your clothes), but from the back gently lift the skirt, or assistant to help you. About to reach the end, put down the skirt Shop behind, walk a few steps forward dress will automatically spread.
Photo from: PIX OF LIFE

Wedding tailing processing

Well considered in advance when to remove the tail. While some brides in dance through the first dance removable trailing, but most the bride chose after the end of the ceremony Abstract (excluding a small tail, removable, no tail wedding). Best Planners, such as a wedding consultant, family or been with you wear off wedding bridesmaid. In this big day, be sure to check wedding the entire lining side is flat, cloth elegant drawn to (do not elegant to wear uncomfortable degree).

Bride for makeup

Go to the dressing room is the work of two people. You can let the planner to help you, help you holding a wedding. Wearing prom wedding bride Note: Do not be afraid to go to the bathroom, you should panniers off.

Etiquette is very important

When you return to the wedding ready to toast, do not forget your mother teach etiquette: stand up straight, shoulders back very, do not chew gum, pay attention to the words, when you sit down his napkin on his lap, smiling. Of course, a smile is natural. Now take a deep breath and enjoy this wonderful moment. Do not worry too much about the dress. You’ve spent months preparing for the wedding, it is time to enjoy.